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February 24, 2014 by Tripat

East Asian Medicine (EAM) has deep roots in Sports medicine. Martial arts training often involve learning how to repair and prevent injuries. These techniques have been used and honed over centuries of use, and informs what we today call EAM. Licensed practitioners (L.EAMPs) can heal injuries quicker and better without using pharmaceuticals. Through stopping pain, reducing inflammation, promoting integrated circulation, and tapping into the bodies’ own healing factors, treatment regiments can help a stubborn injury heal quicker and more cohesively with the surrounding tissue.

EAM also works very well with Physical therapy (PT) to provide a synergistic effect towards rehabilitation. In my experience EAM provides the catalyst to overcome the stunted recovery of an injury. EAM improves circulation on a number of levels, and can lead to better flexibility of an injured area so that PT exercises provide even more benefit. Together the two also better re-integrate the injured area to the surrounding muscle groups. This can help to prevent re-injury and ensure long-term stability.

EAM can improve performance with a balanced and whole perspective, ensuring that power and strength come from the core, and not merely one arm or leg. EAM can also address the stressors that often interfere with an athlete’s ability to focus; EAM treatments can reduce high spikes in nerves and help to stabilize focus and concentration. After the adrenaline rush of a high-pressure event, EAM can even things out, easily helping athletes return to a more balanced mental state to have better attentiveness throughout the week and during events.

Schedule an appointment today and we can discuss and strategize how EAM can best help you be the athlete you want to be.

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